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Drains Ahead is proud to offer a comprehensive range of drain services and tanker services to domestic and commercial clients in the Coulsdon area. We’re renowned for our dedication to customer service, competitive prices and ultra-fast response times – manning a 24/7 line for urgent drain repairs, e.g dealing with blocked drains. We also assist with all aspects of drain maintenance, utilising CCTV drain surveys to assist in our work, for example the implementation of rodent control solutions.

Below, we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions we regularly receive from clients in the Coulsdon area. But if you have a different question, don’t hesitate in calling us on 020 8405 1291 or 07809 502 762. The same goes for if you’d like a free, no obligation quote on any of the aforementioned services.

Colusdon Clients’ Questions Answered

Do drain repairs require prior excavation?

This depends on how serious the issue at hand is. In many cases we encounter around Coulsdon, we can carry out CCTV drain repairs in which we find the exact position of the problem occurring (e.g blocked drains, or a crack/structural damage in the drain lining), then insert a patch to that precise point. In situations where a large section of the system is badly damaged, it may call for excavation.

How can I prevent blocked drains occurring?

Some common causes for blocked drains are botched installations, lack of proper drain maintenance, foreign objects flushed down the toilet, and grease and food that makes it way down kitchen plugholes. The latter two issues can easily be watched out for, whereas the former two might require the assistance of our drain services provider in Coulsdon. Other issues include leaves and foliage getting into the drains, or invasive tree roots getting into the system.

When should I invest in CCTV drain surveys before purchasing a property?

We’d recommend Coulsdon buyers who are investing in an older property whose drains may have: a) been installed a long time ago or, b) not have undergone proper drain maintenance with previous owners, consider the benefits of CCTV drain surveys. It’s worth checking with your insurance provider to see if CCTV drain surveys are actually required for a policy to go through, and if in doubt, contact us for advice on the specific property. New builds that have been recently constructed or inspected are highly unlikely to require another check over.

I have a rodent issue, are you able to help?

Yes. Drains Ahead provides the Coulsdon area with a professional rodent control service. If rats are entering your property through vulnerabilities in your system, we can conduct CCTV drain surveys to find the area of entry, before carrying out targeted CCTV drain repairs to shore up the system. We can also cover external entrances that may be giving them an easy way in.

What do you mean by tanker services?

Tanker services covers: gully cleaning and emptying, interceptor and pump station cleaning, septic tank and cesspit emptying, liquid waste disposal, contaminated waste removal and flood response. Anything that needs a dedicated tanker vehicle to store and remove a quantity of liquid.

To learn more about our drain services, or book in a visit from our team, call Drains Ahead on 020 8405 1291 or 07809 502 762. We offer a 24/7 service in the Coulsdon area.

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